Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's About Time!!

Well, It has been awhile since I have updated this sad blog of ours. I never thought I would be so bad about blogging. I am trying. Anyways, I will give you all a quick update of what each of us have been up too.

MaKinley: She is our "wild child" two year old. Not really! She is most of the time a sweet little girl. She has become very independent, and tells us all the time, "I do it!!" We attempted to start potty training a couple of weeks ago. It was not working out too well, so I decided to try again at some later time. She was just not gettting that she needed to go pee-pee on the potty. She was good about going poopy, just not the other. I was not liking all the clean up. I just don't remember it being this hard. How quick you are to forget about some things. She is very busy exploring the world of "Yes you can!!" and "Oh, no you didn't do that!!" She is so much fun. She brings a smile to each of our faces. She really can't do anything wrong. She is just too cute!

Marquel: Well, she is busy with school. She is getting ready to take the SOL's here. It is the standarized test that they take and must past to move on. So, every night she spends about 30 minutes going over her study guide. There is alot that these kids have to know. It is amazing to me how much she has learned about this area, this year. She just got done with basketball cheer. She really does a good job at it. She really enjoys cheering. Now, we are on to soccer. She has followed her brothers footsteps and is an amazing goalie for her team. She has had plenty of time watching him. For a nine year old, she has an awesome kick. She has been picked up the last three seasons to play for the All-Stars soccer team. We are thinking she may be ready for travel soccer. We don't know if we could handle two children in travel. It is a ton of commitment and travel. We will see. She is also, still keeping up with gymnastics and loves it. She loves going to her Activity Day activities. She is getting too big. Soon it will be Young Womens. She is still a very helpful young girl.

Tanner: He is as busy as any pre-teen needs to be. Between soccer, scouts and school activities and studing for the SOLS. I barely have time to really talk with him. He has been on several scout campouts. He is the Senior Patrol Leader for his troop. He enjoys going with the young men in our ward. He is a great leader and takes his calling very seriously. He has always been that way. You tell him to do something, he will do it for you with perfection. He gets that from me. Sorry, Tanner. He just finished up the basketball season. His dad was the coach of his team. It was really fun to go and watch my boys play b-ball. Tanner is pretty darn good at b-ball. He seems to have talent in whatever he chooses to do. He really likes b-ball and hopes to play in High School. Did I just say that. Yes, I did. My little man is growing up before my eyes. He is now officially taller than me. He will be a TEENAGER on Friday. Where do the years go? I can't believe that. He has been reminding us many times during the day of this event. Like somehow we would forget it. Not a chance with him. He is currently very involved in travel soccer. Practices are three times a week and a game on the weekend. I never thought that I would be a soccer mom, but I am. He is so much fun to watch. He plays the main goalie for his team. He is the leader on and off the field. His coaches love that quality in him. They have told us how they appreciate his leadership on the field especially when no one else will step up. I just hope that he contitues to be that way. He sure has sisters who watch and look up to him. Did I mention that he is also a great babysitter. It is so nice to rely on him for that. We now have a built-in babysitter. Yeah for me!!

Derek: He is busy being the bread winner for this family. What a great guy he is! I have loved that I can stay home and raise my kiddos. I am greatful for him for that. He just got moved this week and is working in a new job. He is so far enjoying it. He may move again later on. We are waiting to hear what they want him to do. The Air Force is always surprising us. You just never know what is in store, but for now he is learning the ins and outs of his new job. Like I said before he was Tanner's b-ball coach. When, I signed Tanner up for b-ball they had a box to mark if you wanted to be a coach. I had asked Derek and he said I really don't want to. So, I went ahead and marked the box "Yes." Little did I know that they would really need him, but they did. Tanner was so excited that his dad was the coach, that he could hardly controll himself. It turned out to be fun for Derek. He even said that he wants to do it again next year if he can. He really had a good group of boys. They came in third in their divsion. Not too bad for a first time coach. Derek has also, been able to go with Tanner on his campouts. He is the assistant scout master. So, when he goes, Derek goes. Tanner has cherished the campouts with is dad. Being here has made it possible for Tanner and Derek to do this. If we were at any other base, it would be tough for Derek, deployments and what not. I am greatful for our time here, so that my boys can share these times together. Other than that, Derek is busy working on my "Hunny to do list!" Which he loves!?!

Me: I do the same things just the days change. I recently had a little surgery. Everything went well with that. I had a litte tune-up on my woman parts. I am feeling much better, now. I am just busy trying to keep everyone on track and getting them from point A to point B. Which is tricky sometimes, especially if I have to be in two places at once. But, luckily I have had some amazing friends help me out. I took on being Tanner's soccer Team Manager. When, we had our meeting no one wanted to take the position. So, I did took it on. Derek has been a great help in helping me out. It is just a bunch of administrative work. I have not minded it at all. I have learned so much. Along with the gym, I also decided to train for a marathon. Don't ask me why. I ask myself that everytime I go and run. I am not trying to be first place. I just want to finish. It has been a goal of mine for a long time. So, I am running the Marine Corp Marathon in October. It has us running downtown DC around all the monuments. It should be fun. I just hope that I can train properly and complete this goal. I love being home and to watch my children grow and learn. I am so grateful for friends along the way that make my time here enjoyable. I enjoy the times we spend together. I enjoy hearing my kids laugh and play. I enjoy those dates with my husband. I think that I have a pretty perfect life and I have Heavenly Father to thank for that. I will post pictures next. I will try not to say something about each one. I will just let you enjoy them.

Beware, you are going to get picture overload!!

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